A look back at conservation in Nova Scotia in 2016

A look back at conservation in Nova Scotia in 2016 It was an interesting, and busy, year for conservation in Nova Scotia.

Decision day for the Birch Cove Lakes

It’s decision day for the Birch Cove Lakes on Tuesday. That’s when Regional Council will vote on a motion that will decide if this area remains on track to become a regional park, or if it will be handed over for sprawling development. That’s the choice. It all comes down to how the Mayor and the 16 city councilors vote on Tuesday.

Nova Scotia forest policy moving in wrong direction

  • Published on Aug 29 2016 |
  • by Chris Miller |
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In the span of only a few months, the Nova Scotia government has taken several major steps backwards with the management of its forest industry. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) unilaterally dropped its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification on public lands within the Medway District of southwestern Nova Scotia.

Does my City Councillor support the Birch Cove Lakes?

So, when Birch Cove Lakes is discussed at Regional Council tomorrow, how might a concerned citizen tell if their particular councillor is truly working hard to create winning conditions for the Birch Cove Lakes regional park versus only talking about it. Well, there’s an easy answer to that. And it involves “secondary planning”.

Will your letter on Birch Cove Lakes be heard??

1500 people took the time to write City Hall to talk about why the Birch Cove Lakes matters to them. That’s an extraordinarily enthusiastic response, particularly considering the obstacles that were placed in the way of full public participation. Several people sent copies of their letters to me, and I have to say, those letters were personal and heartfelt. They were well thought out and often contained personal stories and anecdotes about the Birch Cove Lakes and why protecting the place is important. So, the next step is for the elected councillors to actually read those letters, right?? Well, perhaps not.

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