Protected!! Nova Scotia government announces two new protected wilderness areas at Chignecto.

Chignecto contains some of the largest remaining intact forests in Nova Scotia and a long stretch of wilderness coastline on the Bay of Fundy.

It's a land of vast forests, wild rivers, and untamed coastline.  Here, you will find an ecosystem still mostly intact, where endangered mainland moose have plenty of room to roam and where a hike through the wilderness will reveal northern goshawks, ospreys, and bald eagles.  You will hear the beautiful melodies of forest songbirds, and if you're lucky, may even spot a rare wood turtle or see an endangered dragonfly the colour of emeralds.

The Nova Scotia government has now protected about 25,000 hectares of land at Chignecto, through the creation of two new protected wilderness areas; 1) Kelley River Wilderness Area for the large intact forests, and 2) Raven Head Wilderness Area for the long stretches of wilderness coastline on the Bay of Fundy.  Map

Conservation Significance

  • One of the largest remaining tracts of intact forest remaining in Nova Scotia
  • Species-at-risk, including endangered mainland moose, wood turtle, Quebec emerald dragonfly, and Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon
  • Long stretches of wilderness coastline, with significant tidal salt marsh, beach, and cliff ecosystems
  • Old growth forests, including exceptional stands of sugar maple, red maple, and red spruce
  • Over 150 species of birds, including Northern goshawk, bald eagles, pine warbler, and pileated woodpecker
  • Significant waterways, including the Kelley River, River Hebert, and Shulie River
  • An abundance of wetland ecosystems, including swamps, marshes, and bogs
  • Important forested floodplain habitat, including old growth red maple floodplains
  • Landscape representation opportunities in an area with very few protected areas

The threat

Without legal protection, the forests of Chignecto would remain vulnerable to clearcutting, open-pit mining, seismic testing, and road-building.  These activities are allowed inside Game Sanctuaries, but not protected wilderness areas.

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS is pleased to have worked collaboratively with the local conservation organization Cumberland Wilderness to protect the magnificent forests of Chignecto.  We've carried out independent scientific assessments of Chignecto, worked with government to protect these lands, and communicated the significance of Chignecto publicly.

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