Nova Scotia is home to some spectacular wilderness, from the rugged coasts of the Eastern Shore, to the Cape Breton Highlands, to the vast forests of southwestern Nova Scotia. We are fortunate to have wilderness close to home, but it's under threat.

Current campaigns

Chignecto Isthmus
The Chignecto Isthmus is the narrow land bridge that connects North America to Nova Scotia. Only 17 km in width at its narrowest point, this landscape connection provides important habitat for wildlife moving between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
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Sable Island National Park Reserve
Sable Island is Canada's newest national park.
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Protect Chignecto wilderness
Protected!! Nova Scotia government announces two new protected wilderness areas at Chignecto.
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Stop clearcutting
In Nova Scotia, most forest harvesting is done using clearcuts. Something must change, and soon.
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The threat

Over a half million hectares of forest have been clearcut in Nova Scotia over the past two decades, leaving huge scars on the landscape and fewer and fewer places for wildlife to go.  Our coastline has been carved-up by development and many cherished places are now destroyed.

Some species, such as the endangered mainland moose, are at risk of disappearing all together and are only hanging on in isolated pockets where deep forests still occur.  Even the mere persistence of remote wilderness in Nova Scotia is threatened, as logging roads and new highways stretch into our last intact forests.  What's at stake is nature in Nova Scotia itself.

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS-Nova Scotia is on the frontlines, working to ensure that wilderness in Nova Scotia is protected for future generations.  We are working to establish networks of protected areas across the province, to bring species back from the edge of extinction, and to improve forestry practices in Nova Scotia through reducing clearcutting and encouraging Forest Stewardship Council certifications.

To check out some of our conservation successes, click here.

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