View Nova Scotia political party positions on protected areas

Want to know where the political parties stand on nature conservation? CPAWS asked for party positions on protected areas. Here are their responses:


In 2013, the final protected areas plan for Nova Scotia was released, leading to the protection of a quarter million hectares of wilderness and moving the province to second in Canada for the total percentage of land protected, behind only British Columbia.  When fully implemented, approximately 14% of the province will be legally protected.  What is your position on creating new protected areas in Nova Scotia?  What specific steps will your party take to ensure successful implementation of the final protected areas plan?

Green Party

Consistent with the UN target to which Canada has signed, the Green Party of Nova Scotia targets at least 17% of the various terrestrial ecosystems for protection in Nova Scotia.

Priorities for new areas to be in the protection plan would be:

  • all remaining old-growth forest and older forests with good potential to return to their old- growth state, and
  • land to complete an adequate network of representative protected areas in Nova Scotia in a manner that connects protected spaces, utilizing Crown land and land trust options to secure habitats and encourage private land conservation.

GPNS would designate sufficient funding to support the work in the present protected areas plan. GPNS would assess whether the various areas have been designated for protection at an adequate level; review and develop management plans to ensure these plans are appropriate for the level of protection required; and have sufficient strategies, funding and personnel to secure the level of protection and support the level of public use that is to be permitted. GPNS would not permit extractive industries in any protected area.

Liberal Party

With regards to the 12% goal initially established in 2007 (which received unanimous support from the House of Assembly), the Nova Scotia Liberal Party fully supports protecting land in our province. The health and well-being of our environment and eco-systems is important to us, as it is to all Nova Scotians. We fully support protecting land for environmental purposes in this province but also believe that municipalities and residents must have their say. It should be noted that it was the last Liberal government that set up the process to begin protecting lands and a Liberal government will finish the job of protecting lands in Nova Scotia. We voted in favour of the amendment in 2012 which stated at least 12% shall be protected and now that this target has reached 13%, we fully support this measure.

New Democratic Party

The NDP is implementing its protected areas plan, and is proud to be one of the leaders in Canada in conservation and protection. The plan developed with the assistance of many stakeholders and individuals over the years will protect 13% of Nova Scotia’s land mass, fulifilling the NDP commitment to protect at least 12%. In contrast, the Liberal Party has requested that a moratorium be placed on new protected areas for the south-west of the province, and Jamie Baillie called the protected areas initiative “Buying dirt”.

Progressive Conservative Party

The PC Party has long supported PAP. We are not sure from your question whether you have some specific questions?