St. Anns Bank

St. Anns Bank is an Area of Interest for a new marine protected area on the Eastern Scotian Shelf.

St. Anns Bank was selected from three candidate sites following an eight month public consultation and face-to-face meetings with diverse interest groups.  This selection process strengthens its validity as an area of interest for marine protection and should help expedite the formal designation as a marine protected area in a timely manner.  The specific boundaries for the marine protected area still need to be determined.  CPAWS-NS welcomes the steps the federal government is taking to protect this important marine area.

Eastern Scotian Shelf (map credit: DFO-MPO)

Conservation Significance

  • A variety of marine habitat types, including shallow waters of the Bank and deeper waters of the Laurentian Channel
  • Species-at-risk populations, including Atlantic wolffish
  • Deep-sea corals and sponges
  • Important summer foraging area for the endangered leatherback turtle
  • Migration corridor for many fishes and marine mammals

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS has been advocating for additional marine protected areas for the Eastern Scotian Shelf region for many years, working with local stakeholders, and participating in the Eastern Scotian Shelf Integrated Management iniative.

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