Canada has the longest coastline of any country in the world and a strong connection to the seas. As a nation, we have a big responsibility, yet less than 1% of Canada's marine waters have any form of protection.

Current campaigns

St. Anns Bank
St. Anns Bank is an Area of Interest for a new marine protected area on the Eastern Scotian Shelf.
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We need to take a stronger stewardship role over our vast oceans, so that future generations may continue to marvel at our wide, blue oceans and all of the life they contain.

The threat

Our oceans are in trouble. Canada's east coast has suffered one of the worst fisheries collapses in history.  Fragile corals and other deep-sea communities off our shores continue to be damaged and destroyed by human activities such as bottom trawling. Climate change is acidifying our oceans, raising sea levels, and changing marine habitats.

What CPAWS is doing

CPAWS-Nova Scotia is working to protect the marine environment by pushing for the creation of networks of marine protected areas, focusing on the Eastern Scotian Shelf and the Bay of Fundy regions.  We also work to promote the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources.  We collaborate with local fishing communities, First Nations, scientific and academic institutions, and all levels of government to promote marine conservation in Nova Scotia.

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